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These programmes are presented at your school as a 6-7 hour workshop workshop and take a full school day to complete. Alternatively, for senior learners, the game can be played as a correspondence exercise over a number of weeks during class periods.

During the one-day workshops we cover:

  • 4 rounds of the business simulation game
  • customized curriculum assessments (time dependant)

You receive:

  • A individual booklet for each learner’s portfolio
  • A memo for your educator’s portfolio
  • A design grid for your educator’s portfolio
  • Pre-moderation tool

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the time constraints and extent of the senior programmes assignments will not be marked on the day of the simulation.  Marking and certificates can however be done and provided by ourselves dependent on the price package chosen.”

Our programmes for the following grade subjects include:

Grade 7
Terminology / Concepts Test
Needs and Wants
International Trade
Saving Money
Grade 8
Terminology / Concepts Test
Economic cycle & budgets
Accounting equation
Types of Accounts
Imports and Exports
Factors of Production
Grade 9
Terminology / Concepts Test
Supply and Demand
Break even
Marketing Campaign
Grade 10
Goal setting
Micro- and Macro market analysis using SWOT
Market research and questionnaires
Management levels and functions
Grade 11
Forms of ownership
Micro and Macro market analysis using PESTLE
Marketing Plan (in depth analysis of marketing ideas and strategies)
Corporate Social Responsibility
Human resources and Management
Grade 12
Business analysis
Environmental analysis using various tools
Mission and Vision statements
Business strategies
Creative thinking techniques and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
Leadership vs Management
Grade 10
Cash flow vs profit
Salaries and wages
Grade 11
Asset management and depreciation
Budgeting and analysis
Bank reconciliation
Grade 12
Ratio analysis and interpretation (Company)
Financial statements:  Income statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
Auditing and reporting
Management & internal control procedures
Business planning review
Grade 10
Using formulas in costing
Credit and interest
Personal finance-budgeting
Shape, size and measurement
Grade 11
Loans and interest calculations
Personal finance-salary calculations
Banking, exchange rates
Shape, size and measurement
Grade 12
Grade 12 project
Linked to business simulation and includes: cellphone contract renting vs buying rates, costing and routing