These programmes are presented at your school as a 5-6 hour workshop and take a full school day to complete.

During the day we cover:

  • 4 rounds of the Business Simulation Game
  • 3-5 customized curriculum assessments (time dependant)

You receive:

  • A marked individual booklet for each learner’s portfolio
  • Proof of business simulation
  • Additional assessments

The material includes:


Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Terminology / Concepts Test

Terminology / Concepts Test

Terminology / Concepts Test

Needs and Wants

Economic cycle & budgets

Supply and Demand

International Trade

Accounting equation

Break even


Types of Accounts


Saving Money

Imports and Exports

Marketing Campaign

*Please note: We can design or customize assessments according to your needs when given notice in good time.